Official MOTU Lite Paper, January, 2023

Who we are

We are an international team of gamers, crypto enthusiasts, programmers and digital artists. We were inspired to create the world of Motu by the desire to give the world the opportunity not only to play games and earn money, but also to give everyone the opportunity to become the creators of the worlds themselves

Genesis of the MOTU World

Time: Nobody is watching this anymore. It doesn't make sense anymore Place: Still a solar system We had a green planet Earth, where birds sang, waterfalls flowed, trees and green grass grew. But man tormented the Earth with his technogenesis, pumping resources out of it, cutting down forests, killing animals, polluting water. And then one day, in a crazy race between countries to be the first to reach the center of the Earth, a man invented a Superdrill that could drill the Earth. Some people were against it but they were quickly silenced...

When the drill reached the core an explosion occurred that tore the planet apart and scattered people across the islands. For some unknown reason an energy arose that began to hold separate pieces of the earth after the explosion, preventing them from scattering across the Cosmos. The name of this energy is Graviton

At first people lived as savages on the islands. Having lost their knowledge and unable to communicate, they started all over again. They began to explore the islands, build bridges. Develop communication between the islands. Engage in trade and research. It was possible to curb the energy of Graviton and turn it for the benefit of Civilization

Now our world is the world of floating islands MOTU

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