God Mode

Reach the level of God and gain access to the choice of scenario how to deal with the world of the MOTU. You will get access to several scenarios for the next season. You'll receive a "Thanos Glove" that you can click to decide how the world of MOTU will evolve...or not. Your act will forever remain in the history of the Motu world
  • Communism - Share M.O.L. among everyone
  • Robin Hood - Take M.O.L. from the Rich and give it to the Poor
  • Monarch - Tax them all
  • Genocide - Destroy all or part of the iBots in Biomes
  • Apocalypse - Deliver a nuclear bomb on flying islands and destroy Buildings
  • Anarchy - Rob, destroy, make chaos ...
  • Jocker - Delite M.O.L.
  • Gin - Three wishes
  • Wizard of OZ - Fool everyone
  • Scroodge -
  • J.C. - Nothing to do
  • Ha ha! / - Paint the world