Digital Artist


The market is oversaturated with a huge amount of digital art, which is only the creative vision of a Digital artist

MOTU Masterplace allows Digital artists to create and sell their work as NFTs and in-game assets that can be bought and sold on our marketplace. This gives Digital artists a new way to monetize their work and stand out in a crowded market

There is no single place where digital artists can offer their work to the P2E community while interacting well with player

MOTU Masterplace provides a direct communication channel between Digital artists and Gamers. This creates a sense of community and encourages collaboration between artists and players. This helps artists reach a wider audience and develop relationships with fans and potential clients.

Most marketplaces offer Digital artists one pricing option for their efforts

MOTU offers a variety of pricing models, such as fixed prices, auction-style bidding, or revenue sharing agreements, to suit artists with different preferences. This allows Digital artists to find the best pricing option for their work and encourages them to continue creating and selling

Digital artists do not have clear ratings, so it is difficult for users to understand the talent of digital artists

MOTU Masterplace has a variable rating model that uses a wide range of metrics to evaluate digital artists. This makes it easier for users to find an artist based on their searches and makes it easier for artists to target the right audience

MOTU GameFi Environment offers a variety of pricing and monetization options, direct communication channels and rating systems to create a supportive and rewarding environment for digital artists.

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