MOTU GameFi DAO / Anti-Plunder Economy

Emission of MTU is 5 000 000 000 Emission of M.O.L. is unlimited
The value of the MTU to the in-game currency M.O.L. is in a 1:1 ratio in the circulating volume of these currencies Cost of 100% volume MTU = cost of 100% volume M.O.L.
  • User involvement - actions or inactions of MTU and M.O.L. holders affect the price of these currencies
  • Seasonality - from the end of each game season the local economies of the game are rese
  • God Mode - a player who has achieved the Main Goal of the season can choose different economic scenarios for the local economies of the game from which the next season will begin
Unlike the classic DAO where decisions are made by voting MOTU DAO allows each participant to influence the game economy with their actions and strategies creating a true democracy of influence and management
MOTU GameFi Environment introduces a new approach to understanding true DAO and fair distribution of value! Our implementation gives users true independence and freedom to manage and own their assets by creating real value for the MOTU community!